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[masterlist; information] Fate/ninth heaven

A while ago, misheard and I got to talking about crossovers between Dept. Heaven and Fate/stay night, provoked by the fourth part of this Gulcasa/Nessiah one-line fic challenge. Both of us wound up making plans, and those plans are actually coming to fruition because we have no common sense. (misheard's fic, Therefore, Ray of the Sun, can be found here and I highly recommend giving it a look!)

Fate/ninth heaven is, as you may guess, my version of this mad crossover. It plays out much like Fate/stay night does--five routes, all about sixteen days long, in which a protagonist makes a contract with a Servant and fights through the Grail War.

However, there are a few important differences.

Fate/ninth heaven takes place several years after Fate/stay night's third route, "Heaven's Feel". Therefore, this is the sixth Holy Grail War. Rather than starting in the same place and branching off due to the choices of the protagonist, the five routes are each told from the perspective of a different protagonist, and events play out a bit differently from the start.

A few warnings that readers may want to keep in mind:

-Fate/ninth heaven is intended for mature audiences, and future chapters will contain graphic violence and sexual material. The main pairings for each route (and there is only one for each route) are of all sexual orientations, so if this bothers you, you probably don't want to read it.
-For a comprehensive list of content warnings, please see the page for this series at Archive Of Our Own!
-Because this story takes place after Heaven's Feel, there will be spoilers for all of Fate/stay night, as well as possible spoilers for Fate/hollow ataraxia and Fate/Zero. (And, no, if you're just coming into this with knowledge of the anime alone you really don't know anything about Fate/stay night.)
-There will also be spoilers for Riviera, Yggdra Union, Knights in the Nightmare, Blaze Union, Gungnir, and Gloria Union.
-Concerning Knights in the Nightmare and Gungnir, I will be using Sting's Romanizations of character names because I personally prefer them over Atlus'.
-All routes but the first have multiple endings; the narrative itself will assume all best choices have been made, and progress towards the best endings. As for the other endings, I'll probably include them as side chapters after a route is complete. I don't know how I'm going to handle this in the third and fourth routes, where there's distinct branching towards the end depending on a certain character's affection value, but I'll handle it when I'm there I guess.


Forgotten Wings
introductory route
0. prologue
i. One day I
ii. One day II
iii. validate
iv. menage à trois
v. Sunlight
vi. SIN
vii. dolor
viii. Believe (I)
ix. ever cry,never life
xi. mirror image (part one, part two)
xii. Ashes
xiii. Believe (II)
xiv. confession

TRUE END - Warm Smile

intermediate route
0. prologue
i. One day III
ii. onenight,thousandnight
iii. Allegretto
iv. Jealousy
v. lacrimosa
vi. pure (I)
vii. roundabout
viii. folie à deux
ix. pure (II)
xi. stainedglass
xii. Beloved (I)
xiii. pieta
xiv. violation (I)
xv. Beloved (II)
xvi. WISH

TRUE END - White Garden
GOOD END - Summer Rain

Vagrant Grail Cadenza
advanced route
0. prologue
i. Fugitive
ii. ARIA
iii. cinderella
iv. Apostle
v. superscription
vi. too late? not late
vii. safe harbor
viii. KISS
ix. anemone (part one, part two)
x. PENALTY at five (part one, part two)
xi. violation (II)
xii. Aries
xiii. precious (part one, part two)
xiv. stigmata (part one, part two)
xv. braveheart,fairytale
xvi. unlimited. (part one, part two)
xvii. ARIA (high speed ver.)

NORMAL END - Silent Room
TRUE END - Sunrise on the Water
GOOD END - glitter days

Glass Coffin
expert route
0. prologue
i. One day IV
ii. glass slipper
iii. velveteen
iv. Babel (I)

Resplendent Thousand Petals
bonus route
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