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[Alice] // con10porary

Fandom: Deepgate
Pairing/Characters: Alice+everyone [claim → main party]
Table: 3
Prompt: ringtone
Rating: PG13/T
Spoilers/Warnings: AU. Profanity (see: Carnival). Contains references to characters from God of Clocks.
Summary: with you i am home.

“You have four new messages.”

Alice set the bag of groceries down, picked up a thick pretzel stick, and chewed its end.

“Hello, Alice.” The jovial voice was John’s and there were clinks of plates and mugs in the background that told her he was already at work. “If you have the time, could you stop by the soccer field tonight? John and Ilsa, hmm, their game is tonight? I cannot go, but they would enjoy to see you if you would like to go.”

A beep. Alice opened the refrigerator and pulled the bottom drawer out to put the vegetables away.

“Aaaaaaaaaalice! You’re not home and that’s too bad. Dill broke his guitar strings, so he and Rachel and I are going shop-ping. We’re gonna head out for coffee and maybe practice after. I’ll swing by and pick you up if you want!”

Another beep, telling her Mina had hung up. Alice rolled the pretzel between her teeth, held it in two fingers like a cigarette, and shoved the fridge door closed with her hip.

“Alice, you there?” This was Hasp’s voice, and he sounded harassed. “You haven’t seen my idiot niece around anywhere, have you? If you find her, call me and tell her to stop running off everywhere whenever she pleases. For the gods’ sakes.” An angry crash of plastic that was the sound of him hanging up. Alice shook her head; she was sure Hasp only kept that rotary so he could make that noise when he was in a temper.

She could’ve predicted the contents of the final message, and smiled as it played because of that. “So, you probably just got a call from my idiot uncle.” Carnival punctuated this with an exaggerated, rasping sigh. “I have not gotten kidnapped by aliens, mugged, or fallen victim to a sudden bout of bird flu, and dammit, I am not going home until I’m finished shopping. If he calls you again, tell him to stop being so needy and controlling. And no, I am not going to tell him EXAAACTLY WHERE I AM, for fuck’s sake.”

Shaking her head, Alice picked up the pad of paper and pen she kept next to the phone and wrote a few lines of shorthand to remind herself, then deleting the messages.

She was interrupted by a buzz from her back pocket, and the first few bars of an old Stevie Nicks song, her favorite. Smiling, Alice set her pen down and fished her cellphone out, opening it and lifting it to her ear.

“Hi, Tom.”
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