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dept. heaven fic masterlist; permanently under construction

stories for yggdra union, yggdra unison, & blaze union


Dum Spiro Spero
A story taking place after the main game, in which the Royal and Imperial Armies' attempts at repairing the war's damage to the world and the countries' alliances are suddenly interrupted by attacks from Asgard. As Yggdra has sworn never to fight again, the main characters must find a way to protect themselves without forcing her onto the battlefield or scaring Asgard into going to war with them.

Nessiah is the perspective character; the story focuses as much on his attempts to settle into an ordinary life and learn how to interact with people properly as the conflict with Asgard. ...And his crush on Gulcasa, which he finds much harder to deal with.

Precious (original) (the Queen of Diamonds Redub)
One by one, she touched each of their lives. One by one, they became a part of hers. One by one, they realized they would do anything to protect her.
The Soul's Riven Gate (original) (the Little Lovers' Magic Debug)
Sometimes, we need the most human of connections to survive. It may not be a perfect cure for loneliness or madness, but for now it will suffice. — RoswellNessiah. [sexual content]
Dum Spiro Spero
Pactio was such a simple spell, but it always seemed to cause so much trouble: In their friendships, in their love lives, in their battles… Still, while facing down all the might of Asgard's strongest, there are worse things Nessiah can fall back on. [some sexual content; ongoing]

Of Blooming Hearts and Stubbornness
Gulcasa is being difficult. Yggdra is getting fed up. Because they've already cleared the fact that he is going to get better, or else. (follow-up to Gulcasa's chapter of Precious.)
Milanor was Yggdra's first ally, and he believed he would always be her staunchest defender. But times have changed, and so has the greatest threat to Yggdra's rule. Can Milanor adapt, or must he step down? (between chapters 8 and 9 of DSS proper)

The Age of Wisdom
Life after the A end of Yggdra Union. It isn't perfect by any means, but it's something.


And you, my friend, what funeral rites would you really have desired? — Mizer
Before the war and after it, she lived as if she were made up of shadow pictures. — Elena [sexual content; domestic abuse]
Crossing the Rubicon
To gain something, we all have to lose something first. They learned that two years ago. Is what they have now worth it, in the end? — Mistel, Durant
Two for Joy
Life is a cyclical thing; the trick is lifting oneself out of its ruts. — Yggdra
Cathedrals In My Heart
He is two years gone, but will never be forgotten. — Cerica.
Suddenly Worn Threadbare
He unravels in a long downward spiral. — Milanor, Kylier. [abuse; attempted rape; suicide]
Strawberry Swing
And every moment was so precious. — Roswell, Yggdra [childbirth]
Dona Nobis Pacem
She is the symbol of peace in the land; she is the immortal queen of Paltina. And maybe that peace is as much agony as salvation. — Yggdra, Nessiah

romeo and cinderella
He ran away from his nightmarish everyday life only to find himself standing on the railing of a suspension bridge. She had always been treated like a princess, yet found herself dragged into the nightmare in his place. The prince can only save one of them.

A modern AU.

romeo and cinderella
You ran away from the ball, but you don't have any place to run to. And suddenly the prince shows up. It's like a bad joke. — Gulcasa, Nessiah
from the heart
It was too short. It wasn't enough. — Nessiah, Soltier, Lapis
may girl
If you don't look up when you walk, all the fun things in life will pass you by. — Gulcasa, Siskier
piano lesson
The record sways as it starts to spin in time with you and your long hair. — Leon, Gulcasa
silver girl
My waking dream is assaulted by the whisper of the cold shadows. — Yggdra
sweet sweet cendrillon drug
Are you still dancing? Are you being forced to dance? — Gulcasa, Nessiah
lost and found
Who decided that you won't find what you've lost? Run--you can put an end to this game. — Gulcasa, Nessiah [ongoing]

Puer Maledraconis Gulcasa☆Magica

He was about to reach his limit, and she frantically searched for something she could do. And the cogs of destiny quietly began to spin.
It's been a long dark tunnel, but they've finally reached the light. [Collab with rebbe]
Taking so huge a step requires not courage, precisely, but being reminded that you really can be brave.
Three years after the "miracle" that saved him, he meets a certain boy--and begins to realize that every miracle has its price.
For her, it isn't even a choice. All the same--all things considered--that doesn't mean it's something she has to regret. [ongoing]

On April 13, 2009, a handful of friends sit down to the backdrop of a meteor apocalypse and play a video game. Then things get weird. And the weird just won't stop from keep hapening.

...No, not those friends. They're busy playing their own game. We should let them get on with it.

Then who are these douchebags?

The inevitable Homestuck AU, also hosted at anthemums.

lj masterpost
The Beginning of Something Really Excellent
Planet Healer
Negative Aperture

multichaptered & novellas

Se l'Aura Spira
This is the first page in the record of my evolution. — NessiahGulcasa [AU; sexual content. for fantasybigbang.]

Wreck of the Day
It wasn't like she could begrudge Senel his fairy-tale ending, but where did that leave her? She was a mess, about to marry a man she didn't know to fulfill her duty. Fortunately, he was a mess too. — GulcasaShirley [crossover with Tales of Legendia; sexual content. 7rainbowprompts claim.]

It's impossible to fit three lives together perfectly, he said, and I told him that was true. Still, I said, you can fold or tear at the edges so that the pictures fit the frame. — GulcasaNessiahRoswell; modern AU [sexual content. 10pokes claim.]

He was beautiful, in every sense of the word. If he hadn't been, this would never have happened to him. Thankfully, she's beautiful in all the same ways. — RoswellYggdra, GulcasaNessiah. Fairytale AU.

Shades of Gray
Nothing in life is ever so simple as black and white or good and evil. And whether she likes it or not, that's a lesson Yggdra Yuril Artwaltz is going to learn as the captive of the Imperial Army.


past tense and all its dirty implications
“Odd?” Medoute clenched her fists. Before she realized it she’d already shifted her posture to place her weight more evenly. All her senses seemed more alert, and the smells of smoke and blood and bracken curled in her nose. “You can’t mean someone was injured?”
“Oh—no! No, no one’s hurt, it’s just that…” And here Aegina fell silent, her gaze floating away as she shifted from foot to foot. “I think you should go and check on them. It really isn’t my place to make any judgments on what I’ve seen. But I do think that you are better equipped to deal with them right now.”

In which Garlot, Siskier, and Jenon have had an unwelcome reunion on the battlefield.

tell me what you want (what you really really want)
The thing was, he knew he was in for it the moment that Siskier showed up at his door with her Harebrained Scheme face on—she was nearly as bad as the captain, and obviously she was where he got it—he’d just underestimated her. Completely. Terribly. Catastrophically.

Frame (the Music Box Winds Down Remix)
If there’s any one major change—it’s that every now and again he’ll stay in bed in the morning instead of rising with the gods-blest sun.

all the lost boys
At age fifteen, Siskier has an epiphany of sorts.

Her brother is a matchstick boy with rapidly degrading mental endurance and a dwindling list of places to take shelter.

leave all that's burned behind
Gram Blaze, acclimating to the Kingdom of Fantasinia.

Glory of the Sun
Sometimes things have to hurt. Sometimes things are worth it. Gulcasa and the most important question he has to ask. — GulcasaNessiah

high and clear
In the spring of 1429, La Pucelle leads her troops and her prince to the siege of Orléans. — Monica, Gulcasa

the child piper
She's stuck in a crusade-shaped rut. — Medoute

dreaming in the ashes
The practicalities of using Brongaa's power can make life a little difficult. In which Gulcasa frays and Nessiah frets. — GulcasaNessiah

tigerlily on the precipice
Every time we meet it seems like we get closer, but our hearts just keep missing each other by a little bit. — KylierYggdra

Choking on Stars
You are safe here, you know now. — Gulcasa, Emilia, Nessiah

Defeat In Detail
The book of love is long and boring. — Jenon, Siskier, Garlot [polyamory]

duong jai
Lit. "One who climbs inside the heart". (Or: why the Emperor's paperwork will never get done, ever.) — Gulcasa, Nessiah [sexual content]

yet the earth revolves
Things will never really be okay ever again, but you do what you can. — Jenon, Garlot, Medoute [light sexual content]

And you can't help it because you, you're a perfectionist in a world where not everything that's wrong can be fixed. — Gulcasa, Emilia

once more with feeling
If the miracle doesn't exist that will let me choose to live, then I'll build one with my own two hands. — GulcasaNessiah

Let the hate swell your heart until you choke. — Yggdra♠Gulcasa [light sexual content]

The thunder of my heartbeat echoes on and on, so strongly I can barely breathe. — Gulcasa+α

Three steps short of tug-of-war. — Leon→Gulcasa←Nessiah

sweat out the fever
You are stupid stupid stupid. — Leon, Gulcasa

Halos On Evergreens
But if I were that kind of grateful, what would I try to say? — Nessiah, Eater [D route]

Sudden Burst of Sunlight
I was ready for the downslide, but not for spring to well up. — Unison; general cast.

let go
I want to know more about what the world looks like through your eyes. ...Okay, that's an awkward turn of phrase in this case. — GulcasaNessiah [sexual content]

long live life
But that was when I ruled the world. — Imperial Army; ten drabbles [some canon inaccuracies]

Twenty Seconds
These were the days they would come to miss the most. — MilanorKylier, GulcasaNessiah, Yggdra.

rusted clock hands
Clean the gears and pray the timepiece runs—there's years yet to make up for, with your time finally beginning to flow forward. — Nessiah, light GulcasaNessiah; what could have been.

seaside ophelia
The light in me will guide you home; all I want is to be your harbor. — Nessiah; 18th-century AU.

They're just an ordinary couple. It's just the start of another ordinary day. — AU, GulcasaNessiah.

After thousands of years and countless sacrifices, it has come to this: a lone voice crying for justice, grasping for revenge with bloodied hands. Victory is an empty, bitter thing. — Nessiah. [possible canon inaccuracies]

Rond et rond
You know those days where you really wish that life had a rewind button? That moment was like that, only worse. Because, you know, Nessiah would happily rather have died than let Gulcasa see him like that. — GulcasaNessiah. [gag story]

Anyone who can touch you can hurt you or heal you. — Roswell/various


we are old enough to have earned a larger country
Taking his original flesh back would mean being able to assume all his true powers. It's just that the drawbacks would be so serious, Nessiah isn't sure he really wants to.

fresh water feelings/salt water sick
The Undines have no choice but to leave Ancardia. Pamela is happy to help.

every finger shall have its ring
It’s his nineteenth birthday and she’s the second to come calling, flying to the little house in the forest on the back of a young griffon: Twelve years old and armed with a shiny new club and utterly fearless. — Mizer, Emilia

ballet-shaped love note
World, bewitch me 'til the end of the dream. — Elena, Nietzsche

Nessiah, cold mornings, solitude, and nagging doubts.

Collective Hearts
They four live in the borderlands when the war has ended; exile ended, yet exiled still. — Mistel, Bly, GulcasaNessiah

two-leaf clover
Her brother has an incurable case of restlessness. — Emilia, Gulcasa

long distance
Garlot bids goodbye to his first love. — GarlotNessiah, C route [graphic violence]

The classic conflict of unstoppable force versus immovable object. Or: Rosary and her selective deafness regarding the phrase "not interested". — Yggdra

Under the Bead Tree
I won't be idle with despair. — Monica, Gulcasa

In which Siskier likes playing dress-up, and Zilva unabashedly reaps the benefits. — Zilva, Siskier

Tell me the rest of the fairy tale. — Emilia, Nessiah.

In Lieu of Unicorns
He'd fail that litmus test with flying colors. — Yggdra, Gulcasa.

Misery Loves Company
Sometimes the only way to deal with your insufferable best friend is to be insufferable right back. — Garlot, Jenon

Every day I wake up a different man than the one I was yesterday. Color me strange. — Gulcasa

The people had given up on that ancient paradise. Rarely touched by the sun, their bodies grew weak. But they saw it—the miracle of the earth. — AU; GulcasaAegina

Housewife Power
It's not a state of being, it's a full-time job. — Mistel

It's winter in Bronquia. There's a blizzard outside. The castle is freezing. But Nessiah isn't cold. Really, he's not. [yeah, right.] — GulcasaNessiah

stories for knights in the nightmare


into the blue again
An alternate continuity in which Meria's route ends a little differently.

Well, it definitely wasn't the smartest thing she ever did. She knew that when she did it. It was his fault for making her care. — Meria
Perpetual Motion Machine
She's just a girl chasing her dream. She doesn't know how to stop and doesn't want to learn. — Meria
You who have cast off your chains, welcome to this world: to your world. Don't fall off the railing. — Willimgard, Alighierie, Meria
The Space Between Atoms
Remind me, how did it go? — Bergmann/Diora
She is a proper hellion, and he would not have her any other way. — Meria, Willimgard, Alighierie


A palette in every shade of jealousy. — MimeeAura; AU [explicit]

Baskets of Phlox (Flora and Zephyr mix)
Will you take the path of needles or the path of pins? — HecklerLakshmi; AU

flying flags and angelfeathers
...What does living mean to you, who walk upon this land filled with death? — general cast


silver cage, leaden sky
The secrecy is thrilling. Almost, you imagine, like freedom must be. — Pisce

blood runs true
She has his hands. — Yggdra

She was born for the princess. — Sacchito

In Memoriam
Maybe the price for surviving was the one thing more precious than any other. — Melissa; AU.

Everyone wants most what they can't have; why should that be any different for angels? — Maria

stories for riviera: the promised land


Catnip and Aniseed
Lyuri goes to the bar on her eighteenth birthday and returns later that night staggering and giggling, a pilfered tankard still in her hand. Adventure Time with Lyuri-the-budding-party-girl and Fia-the-designated-driver (or, at least, the Elendian equivalent of one). [sexual references]

our wires are tangled more than crossed
Rose attempts to work. Even though he is an entire world away, Ecthel still manages to provide a distraction. [explicit]

Fairest of the Seasons
When Malice was small, she hated vegetables. — Malice

A lot has changed since Heaven's Gate. Traveling together through the underworld's maze, both Ein and Ledah can't help but notice this. Still, the most essential things have remained the same. — EinLedah


She is a wunderkind. — Fia

beechbark scrapbook
Her head's in the sky and her feet are on the ground. — Cierra; character study

she breathes in freedom
She sways, and her hair glimmers in all that white like nostalgia. — Lina, Fia

Dreaming of when the morning comes. — Ledah

Out with the old and in with the new. Stories of castoffs are and have always been heartless affairs. — Serene, Claude

mirage coordinator
Don't look into the mirror too hard, or you'll start to see more than you want to. — Ein

stories for gungnir -inferno of the demon lance and the war of heroes-


what they don't tell you about Eve
Alyssa has come to the conclusion that exploring her desires is an important part of taking back her agency. Fiona is very good about making said desires happen for her, and has no ulterior motives whatsoever. Or, in which Alyssa gets to have her cake and eat it too, and the Raguel siblings are a quasi-incestuous mess in the background. [explicit]

signs in glass and dew
It is the year nine hundred and eighty-five on the Gargandian calendar and she and he are comfortably lost. — Ragnus/Valery [sexual content]

two white footsteps
Our words melted. Seems like winter has come. — Natalia/Alyssa [sexual content]

strike us like matches
Maybe what he's really trying to avenge is his lost sense of belonging. — Ragnus, Julio


The Swallow and the Nightingale
Alyssa has a lot to learn and a good teacher for it. — Alyssa, Fiona

It sticks in the throat, sometimes, this never-changing conversation. — Natalia, Valery

sugar and spice
The forest is a closed-off world. — Alyssa, Elise

the same moon
I'll leave you my glass shoe. — Julio, Alyssa

White Winter Hymnal
It was a long and dark November. — Valery, Ragnus

The Taste of Rosehips
No amount of discipline could have prepared her. — Natalia, Alyssa

stories for gloria union


toms and queens
You just leave her alone and let her go. Or: The practical concerns to being a chimera. — IshutPinger [explicit]

What Miracle is This?
And it's like the fog has lifted. — Ashley, Ishut, Pinger


as is the sea marvelous
pirate girls, in twos and free verse. — ElishaYggdra [sexual content]

riding on the waves of a tropical storm
It's hard being a pirate captain, and no one understands. (It's just as hard to keep one in a good mood, and nobody understands that either.) — YggdraElishaKamuru [sexual content]



Fate/ninth heaven
The story of the sixth Holy Grail War of Fuyuki. Five possibilities, each told from the perspective of a different main character.

Masterlist can be found here. See individual story tags on AO3 for warnings.

Forgotten Wings
The sixth Holy Grail War of Fuyuki is about to begin. Ein, an amateur magic user, and his tutor Rose have been dispatched by the new supervisor in order to keep the Holy Grail out of the hands of unscrupulous magi.
French magus Roswell Branthèse has been chosen as one of the Masters in the sixth Holy Grail War of Fuyuki. He must now fight to preserve the honor and glory of the house of Verlaine, and to uphold the legacy of his ancestors.
Vagrant Grail Cadenza
The enigmatic magus Nessiah has struggled to achieve a miracle for nearly all his life. As a Master in the sixth Holy Grail War of Fuyuki, he will risk everything for one final chance to claim it.
Glass Coffin
Vienya, a talented young magus, has been selected as a Master in the sixth Holy Grail War of Fuyuki. As a representative of her people, she fights for the chance to break the curse placed on them in ancient times. [ongoing]


your hair blowing like a firework
She's a performer, he's a survivor. — Eater, Nessiah, Pinger

artificial castling
In the middle of the second Ragnarok, the angels decide that they have had enough. Ein is left just trying to cope. [dystopian; character with eating disorder]

Kiss Away the Difference
We can sing ourselves to sleep no more. — Ragnus, Gulcasa. [sexual content]


And Miles To Go Before I Sleep
Her face is a map of the world. — Pamela

mirror half
"I always believed you would be the one to do it." Maybe the one on the other side of the glass wasn't so imaginary after all. — EinRose, Nessiah